Following up with “123dressme”


In a series of followups with various Startups that started their lives at Startup Weekend. This week we talked to founder Cristina Stoian.

Tell us about your StartUp Weekend company/product. What’s the name…

123dressme logo

…and what does it do?
123dressme is a fun and simple way to organize and share your closet.

We satisfy our users needs by offering an innovative way to make dressing and shopping more fun, efficient and timesaving. Every woman wakes up in the morning and has no idea what to wear. 123dressme will help them organize their closet so that they know what to wear.

The main feature of the 123dressme app shows a spinner with three rows, where the upper row illustrates pictures of tops, shirts or jackets, the middle row trousers or skirts and the lower row shoes or boots. Users can ad pictures to the spinners by either taking pictures of their clothes or the clothes they favor while shopping, to see if they match with previously saved pictures in their virtual closet. The screen always shows a matrix of pictures, where the final outfit is shown in the middle column. By sliding each row to the left or right, the ideal combination of clothes and shoes can be made and saved for later use.

The same spinner is used for shopping within the app. The clothes in the shop section of the app can be added to the closet to see if they match their own clothes. This approach makes the user interact with the clothes before making the decision to buy. The user can mix and match different brands to create an outfit.

B2B – M-commerce platform for retailers & advertising model for fashion brands:
123dressme will help retailers generate more clients, while being an efficient mobile channel for advertising, approaching clients on the mobile market. This app allows direct access to content in a visual compelling way, allowing brands to expand their marketing strategies to mobile and retailers to speed the process of buying.
We offer our users the possibility to download their entire collection to the app, or just parts, according to their users settings.

How has your company/product changed since Startup Weekend?
After the startup weekend we only had a sketched concept. Ever since, we developed the product and we launched it on the app store. We created a company around it with a viable business case. In time, 123dressme evolved from a great mobile consumer application (freemium) to a mature business with a service (m-commerce) platform for retailers and an advertising model for fashion brands and designers.

What milestones or successes have you had since the weekend?

  • Managing to stay in business for 1.5 years without any external funding was a success.
  • Signing our first contract with a fashion brand as our launching partner.
  • Being downloaded in the app store for more than 60,000 times since the launch and seeing that our app is used by our customers.
  • What has been the biggest challenge since Startup Weekend?
    Being a startup, you do everything by yourself, including the things you have no idea how to. You just have to get over it and learn by doing. My biggest challenge was the time it took to develop the project. I am impatient so it just wasn’t happening fast enough for me.

    What does the future have in store for you and your company?
    We definitely want the company to grow. We want to expand our product to the iPad and also Android market. We are looking into getting funded via venture capital and we might expand our company to the States.

    What was the best part about Startup Weekend for you and your company?
    Best part was to see that my idea was so well received by the audience. This gave me the push and motivation to go forward with it.

    If you could rewind and do your Startup Weekend over again, is there anything you would do differently?
    No. I think Startup Weekend has been a great experience and as long as you take it like that, nothing is a mistake, but a big learning chance.

    Give one piece of advice for people (thinking of) attending their first Startup Weekend?
    Be very open, everything can change in one weekend.

    How can the StartUp Weekend community support you going forward?
    Spreading the news about my startup would be the best way startupweekend crew can help me.

    Are you hiring?
    We are looking for motivated IT interns that can help our developers and learn along the way.

    What’s your website and how can our readers contact you? or email at: info [at]