and Startup Weekend, a match made in entrepreneurial heaven.

As soon as the Startup Weekend organisation informed us regarding the possibility of hosting this upcoming Startup Weekend, i was sold. This invitation to write a blogpost to explain our combined vision is a perfect example of a collaboration we love.

At Berlage meet and workspace, we are inspired by  and collaborate with all the other entrepreneurs to build a new society. We call it society3.0  but you may also recognise it in part as the sharing economy, the knowledge economy, etc.etc. For the past 10 years, we have been working to build stages where this new world can emerge, and platforms they can use to build companies, partnerships and collaborations. This future society is very unstable if you compare it to our past society of large companies with large groups of non-connected sheep just obeying orders and consuming away. It’s made up of entrepreneurs, freelancers, small organisations, short term collaborations and ngo’s that are fully capable of regulating their own systems and infrastructure. If you map this out, you get some sort of a mesh of interconnected nodes. The key to a successful is the abundance of connections.

So at any location we offer several ways to meet, connect, share knowledge and collaborate. Our coworking lounge is always accessible, all we ask is that you check into the Serendipity machine so we know exactly who’s present and what knowledge they bring with and are looking for. That’s also the way you pay for this coworking space, by meeting others, sharing knowledge, helping them out and perhaps helping our organisation out while we keep improving the stage that we all use to become more successful in this society. And then as you take your collaboration to the next level, there’s meeting rooms, eventspace, (shared offices) and a strong network of ambassadors to support you even further in your quest to world domination:)
Meet & Workspace Berlage
With this short intro into our concept, our enthusiasm for Startup Weekend should be obvious: We love people who have the guts to start creating new value, and commit to it with everything they have. And we love to host those people, and try our best to create a value network and stage on which those people perform best, every single day!

(Want to join Startup Weekend Amsterdam? Tickets are still available here)