Amsterdam, a great startup community


Almost two years ago I (Wout Laban) attended my first Startup Weekend in a great city all the way up north of the Netherlands, Groningen. I had heard how life changing the event and this community could be, but never would have thought the ride would be this amazing! The event in Groningen was a great experience for me and I can honesty say it was my introduction to the startup world.

At that time I had no clue what an accelerator, series A, or even Lean Startup was, but I got infected with the startup virus. A few months later I moved to Amsterdam and by chance got involved with Startup Weekend Amsterdam. Not really knowing what the Amsterdam startup community was all about… Let’s face it, I barely knew what I startup really was.

Within a year, I grew into the Amsterdam startup scene at it brought me places I could have never imagined (I won’t share my whole personal story with you) but I’m super excited to get the opportunity to organise Startup Weekend Amsterdam again this year!

Because it is the fifth year that Startup Weekend Amsterdam is taking place we wanted to make it something special. We wanted to show how great the Amsterdam community really is.

Today we’re happy to announce that two of the major players in the Amsterdam scene are helping to make this years Startup Weekend possible. Both Rockstart and Startupbootcamp are showing the their care and importance to the community by sponsoring the event and sitting alongside each other in the jury on sunday night. Thanks for making that happen, we are super excited to have you both onboard the 2014 event.


With these two accelerators at our side we truly have an amazing event, with some real opportunities for the startups that will be built during the event. Maybe some of this years teams will end up in the next Startupbootcamp E&M commerce program or at Rockstarts web/mobile program! Either way the Amsterdam startup-scene again is showing it’s strength to the community.

More updates will follow soon, stay up to date by following us on Twitter. Ow and did you get your ticket yet? Now would be a great time to get it!