5 reasons to join a Startup Weekend


Startup Weekend is an amazing event where anything is possible. I attended a few events throughout Europe and have met organisers all around the globe. With the upcoming event in Amsterdam, here are the 5 reasons why you should join Startup Weekend.

1. You can pitch to an investor and drink beer at the same time!
Now, there are a lot of cool places in the world, but do you know one where you can actually pitch your business idea and enjoy a beer at the same time? It happend last year at Startup Weekend Amsterdam where team One More Beer pitched their idea. Here is the video of their pitch.


3. You could end up with a million dollar business
It’s not often that teams succeed in building a product over the weekend and turn it into a sustainable business… let alone business that makes you a million dollars. Fact is: most teams fail with the idea they worked on during the weekend. Fail fast, learning more, right? Yet… there is still a very small chance that you do succeed, and that very small chance is much bigger then sitting at home all weekend long. My advice is give it a shot, because you’ll always get something out of a Startup Weekend. Which brings me to the next reason to join…

3. You always learn something
Everybody at every Startup Weekend always learns something. From first time participants to experienced mentors at the event, every one learns. It could be a personal achievement like overcoming a fear, or a new skill, but learning is guaranteed at Startup Weekend.

4. Complete creative freedom
Often when you get to work on a creative project there is either a boss or a client that still puts limits on what you can and cannot do… At Startup Weekend there are no limits, it’s you and your team (who you probably just met) that are going to turn a crazy idea into reality. (yes there are mentors that might tell you not to do certain things, but feel free to ignore them)

5. The community
The Startup Weekend has a global family that all share at least one thing, they have participated in a Startup Weekend. Even though every weekend in every city is different, everybody experiences the same crazy roller-coaster ride throughout the weekend. You can meet Startup Weekend alumni everywhere around the world and they will always be willing to help you out. This video really shows you what I’m talking about.

So, if you still had doubts if you should join startup weekend I hope I’ve took them away with this post. You can sign up for our next event right here!