The Next step for Dutch startups!


As an entrepreneur the word ‘next’ is always on your mind. You are constantly confronted with the next step into the unknown almost every single day… hoping all your effort will pay off and that your startup will find success.

About a month ago the 5th edition of Startup Weekend Amsterdam took place at de Beurs van Berlage where 16 teams took on the challenge to take the next step with their idea in 54 hours. A lot of them succeeded with excellence, some took baby steps… and some just flat out failed. All part of the game!

Yet, the teams that did succeed also found out that crushing it for 54 hours only creates more next steps instead of less. Building a company does not happen in one weekend, not even in one year.

That is why UP Global – the organisation behind Startup Weekend – came up with the Startup Next initiative. A 5 week, part-time program to help existing teams get ready to apply to an accelerator and gear up for early-stage investment. The Startup Next program originally was launched in 2011 and needed some refinement of it’s own… it relaunched in 2013 with a new model to help teams all over the world take these important next steps.

This summer a group of enthusiastic organisers have set out bring the Amsterdam edition of Startup Next to life. With the support of numerous Dutch-based entrepreneurs and experienced startup mentors, the stage is set for 6-8 teams to get in shape and make real progress.

The program will offer:

1. Learning from local entrepreneurs who’ve recently been through an accelerator;
2. Working with top local mentors (see the list here) with a focus on Customer Development, Market Sizing; Refining an MVP, Product Market Fit, and Fundraising.
3. Pitch and speaking practice

Startup Next is a great program for teams that know the can work together and are serious about building a company. The five week program certainly requires discipline and motivation as the sessions will be held on Wednesday evening. That should be a fair investment to get your company on the right path and directly in the headlights of both Startupbootcamp and Rockstart; both partners of Startup Next Amsterdam.

Ready to take the next step? Applications run through the F6S Platform, make sure to take a peek at the Startup Next website for more info and follow them on Twitter.